Logistics and Updated Info: Only One Week to Go!

Thanks for supporting the September 28th Youth and Student Day of Action in Washington DC. It has gained lots of momentum in the past few weeks, and we’ve now heard from youth from Florida, Richmond, Chicago, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and elsewhere who’ve said that they’re coming on Friday for the Youth Day of Action!

Here is the most up-to-date information about logistical aspects of the Youth and Student Day of Action:


Tactics, plans, and targets/locations for youth and student actions will all be planned Thursday night and Friday morning, with the actions planned to begin around noon on Friday. We will be meeting to have these discussions on Thursday night at 6pm and Friday morning at 9am at the Encampment site and setting out from there on Friday. In Washington DC, the Encampment site will be set up directly in front of the Capitol building, off 3rd Street. But please head over to http://troopsoutnow.org/september29logistics.html to check out for yourself exactly where the Encampment site is.


Housing will be available for everyone who comes to participate in the Youth Day of Action. We are working with St. Stephen and the Incarnation Church (1525 Newton Street NW, Washington, DC 20010) to provide housing. Please contact Peter at 919-264-0201 if you know you’re coming and need housing. We will be sleeping on the church floor each night, so folks should bring sleeping bags with them or something comfy to sleep on. Housing will become available on Thursday night and will continue to be available on Friday night as well. For folks that are coming from far away and are planning on stay through Saturday for the mass march on DC, housing will also be available on Saturday night too. However, if you think you will need a place to stay on Saturday night, please again contact Peter at 919-264-0201 and let us know by emailing youthantiwarweek@gmail.com.


As far as food goes, folks should come prepared to provide food for themselves for the entire time that you’ll be staying in DC. Whether that means bringing food from home or bringing enough money to buy food in DC, it’s up to you. There may be some cases when food may be provided, but folks shouldn’t count on this to sustain them for the entire time they’ll be in DC.


We just wanted to write to keep you all updated on the current developments. We now have an amazing artist line up 8PM TO MIDNIGHT every night September 22-29 with hip-hop, rock, soul, jazz, funk, visual arts, theater & spoken word by artists from all over the country! The show “NEVER AGAIN!” of Filipino artists speaking out against the US occupation of the Philippines lined up to perform Friday night, the 28th, at the Encampment should be especially strong. The complete line up can be found at http://troopsoutnow.org

Please continue to contact us at youthantiwarweek@gmail.com or by calling Ben at 919.604.8167 with any questions or concerns you may have. Please also continue to check out this website for updates as we move ever closer to the youth convergence in DC against the war!


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